Thursday, September 05, 2013

'We are trusting God' - Syria's Christians

A military strike against Syria will probably achieve little in the civil war going on there - but it will mean further trouble for Syria's Christians.

Islamists have already forced many Christians out of the country. Others have been murdered or kidnapped and churches have been destroyed. 

One Syrian pastor appealed for prayer.

"Obama, he could care less for the Christians in Syria and the Christians around the world," he said. "We know God has given promises, that God is going to protect the Christian community in Syria and our trust is not in any powers - not in the regime, not in the US - no one else. We are trusting God Himself that He sees and He hears the cries of the Christians."

That's why it's crucial, he says, that Christians pray for their Syrian brothers and sisters in Christ because it's more than a battle for the survival of the Syrian church. "This is a battle between Jesus Christ and the enemy himself, and what's happening to the Christians in the Middle East will happen eventually to many Christians around the world and specifically in the West.
"God is not going to work for anyone's agenda. God is going to work for His own agenda and the purpose of the growing of the kingdom of God."

In Egypt, Muslim mobs attacked more than 60 churches throughout Egypt. They attacked and destroyed a Coptic Christian orphanage, leaving about 200 children without shelter.

The Christians who run the orphanage left a message for the attackers on the building's exterior wall: "You meant to hurt us, but we forgive you. God is love. Everything works out for good. Love your enemies."

"We respond as every other Christian has responded," Egyptian Bible Society vice president Ehad Tanas told CBN. "We are in Egypt to serve. We are in Egypt to demonstrate the Christian love. We do every effort to be self-restrained and to show the Christian love that the Lord has taught us to show."

"Pray for the Middle East."

Syria promised if it is attacked by the West, it will attack Israel. The threat still stands.

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