Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rules to make marriage last

Despite the fact that two-thirds of the Scottish population is opposed to legalising same-sex marriage and despite the fact that it has been discovered that legalising it would cause chaos in a whole raft of laws, the Scottish Government has decided to go ahead with legislation.

Despite the fact that half-a-million people have petitioned against change south of the border and despite the fact that the Conservative Party has lost a vast number of members, largely because of the Prime Minister's fixation with legalising same-sex marriage, David Cameron has said that he is absolutely determined to do it.

I notice that Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has been speaking of marriage as "a long-term relationship." Not a lifelong relationship, but a long-term relationship.

Does this mean that couples being married will not have to promise "till death do us part," or that having made a promise "till death do us part" they can then ignore it?

Harry Benson, of the Marriage Foundation, mentioned a couple of interesting facts.

Almost half of all new babies in the UK will not grow up with both of their parents.

And the 2001 census showed that of couples with children of 16 who were still together, 97 per cent were married. Only three per cent were not married.

He shared with supporters of the Family Education Trust four rules he had devised for his own children. Adhering to the four rules, he said, could halve family breakdown.

First, no boyfriends or girlfriends before the age of 18. It was almost inevitable that relationships before that age would not last. This would take away sexual pressures from children who may lack the maturity to handle them.

Second, don't form an exclusive romantic relationship with someone unless you can see yourself marrying them. If at any point you can't, end the relationship.

Third, look for someone who can make a decision and stick to it, not a drifter.

Fourth, "Girls, say no to moving in until he says yes to your future."

Rules to be recommended?