Saturday, February 04, 2012

A contribution to Marriage Week

February 7 to 14 is Marriage Week, with a media launch at the Palace of Westminster, an evening discussion and an education conference in London, and church services, marriage courses, workshops, film nights and Valentine's Day dinners up and down the UK.

You can find details here.

As a contribution to Marriage Week, here's something (author unknown) I picked up somewhere or other:


1. Thou shalt not take thy partner for granted.

2. Thou shalt not expect perfection of each other.

3. Thou shalt be patient, loving and understanding, kind and true.

4. Thou shalt tend the garden of love daily.

5. Thou shalt take great care that thy partner's trust never is violated or diminished in any way.

6. Thou shalt not forget thy wedding vows, remembering especially those important words, "for better or worse."

7. Thou shalt not hide thy true feelings. Mutual love provides a bright sunlit room where things of the dark can be discussed freely and without fear.

8. Thou shalt always respect each other as individuals. Degrading words and a sharp tongue cause grave distortions. Endearing terms ennoble, lift up, engender peace.

9. Thou shalt give thy marriage room to grow. Both partners should be willing to face the future together with confidence and trust. Today is a better day for them than yesterday, and tomorrow will find them closer still.

10. Thou shalt through all thy days reverence God, thy Creator, never forgetting that it is He who hath made you one.

Now how about that?