Thursday, February 23, 2012

The baby who refused to die

A month ago, I told the moving story of unborn baby David John Anker, who suffered from a shortage of amniotic fluid in the womb and died during birth.

Here's another even more amazing story.

Kristen Page woke up in the night. After 13 weeks of pregnancy, her waters had broken.

An ultrasound at hospital the following morning revealed that there was no amniotic fluid. Surprisingly, the baby's heart was still beating. Kristen was told the baby would die, and she should go home and rest.

A few days later, Kristen returned for another ultrasound. To everyone's surprise, the baby still had a "super strong" heartbeat.

The doctor explained there was no hope. "No water, no lungs, no life," she said. She advised an abortion to avoid the increasing risk of serious infection.

At 16 weeks and two specialists later, Kristen was told she was not being fair to her husband and other children in risking leaving them without a wife and mother for the sake of a baby who would not survive. Her only option was to terminate, the specialist said.

Kristen and her husband Matt searched the internet. Everywhere they looked said the same: a baby with no amniotic fluid had zero chance of survival.

They decided they would let God take the baby when He wanted. "Then I would be at peace knowing it was God's choice and not mine," said Kristen.

She was ordered to strict bed rest. At 26 weeks, she was moved to hospital, hooked up to an IV machine and continually monitored. The baby continued to thrive.

At 32 weeks the baby developed an irregular heartbeat. The following day, he was delivered by caesarian section. He was completely blue. He had a collapsed lung and needed to be put on oxygen.

After seven weeks undergoing tests in the hospital's intensive care unit, little Joey was released with a clean bill of health.

Joey is now five years old. "He is bouncing, funny and so amazing," say his parents. "We look at Joey every day and thank God we chose to keep him. He is a blessing and a much loved member of our family. We all know he is special.

"You can still see how his face sinks in a bit from being squished and his nose is somewhat flattened. But really, only we can tell."

Joseph Charles Page, say his parents, is nothing short of a miracle.

You can read the full story here.