Saturday, July 23, 2011

The cost of believing

The cost of converting to Christ for a Muslim, particularly in a Muslim country, is often a high one.

This month's edition of Open Doors magazine tells of 27-year-old Amouna Ahamdi, who lives in Sudan. When her brother found she had converted to Christ, he stabbed her three times in the stomach and broke her leg.

The local hospital was reluctant to treat her because of her conversion. She was discharged when she was partially recovered. At home, her torment continued.

Her father shackled her to a chair, locked her in a room, and beat her for a month. "They shaved all my hair and my father whipped my head," said Amouna.

Eventually she escaped, and married another convert her own age. Because of problems from the knife attack, she went to Khartoum for treatment.

After other relatives found out about their conversion, masked men burst into the house where they were staying and attempted to kill her husband. She was stabbed in the hand trying to protect him.

They had no money to pay for medicine and often went hungry.

"We cannot deny Christ," she said. "This is a big challenge for us, because we do not have a place to go. We have no food, and we are jobless. I am still in pain, besides having a two-month-old baby boy to care for."

Converting to Christ for the Muslim doesn't just mean going to church on a Sunday.