Monday, December 20, 2010

Dangerous times

Others will have seen, as I did, a video on the TV news which showed a man in a school board meeting in Florida paint a "V" (for vendetta) on the wall, then pull out a gun and begin shooting at members of the board.

A security guard came in, the two exchanged fire and the gunman went down. The gunman then used his gun to take his own life. No one was hurt but the gunman.

What British TV didn't show was a subsequent interview with school superintendent Bill Husfelt, the first man to be shot at.

"Right before he pulled that trigger, I knew he was going to pull the trigger," he said.

"There was a miracle that I wasn't shot. He literally had the gun pointed right at me. I was very confident that I was going to get shot. I was ready if that was going to happen. I knew where I would go. . .

"God was standing in front of me. I believe that with all my heart."