Friday, April 01, 2016

The path to freedom

R. T. Kendall was minister at Westminster Chapel in London for 25 years. I am told he has written more than 50 books. Although officially retired, he still preaches by invitation and he still writes. (He's a little bit younger than I am, so there's hope for him yet.)

One of his best known and most successful books is called Total Forgiveness. After he wrote that, he wrote another called Totally Forgiving Yourself. (If you haven't read it, you can see the video here.)

Now there's a subject that needed to be written about, without a doubt. Sometimes we make mistakes. We know that we have been completely forgiven, but we can't forgive ourselves. We insist on going back in our minds and beating ourselves up, with thoughts like "How different things could have been, if only. . ." 

If God has forgiven us and we haven't forgiven ourselves, we are living in disobedience, beneath the privilege of grace. Forgiving ourselves, says R. T., is what God wants us to do, it's what the devil doesn't want us to do, and it will bring us inner peace and freedom.

If this is your problem, you can be set free as you listen to the video.

 If the enemy takes you back into your past,  says R. T., there is one thing you can do. Remind him of his future.

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