Monday, October 26, 2015

What do YOU think about Jesus?

Researchers working for the Church of England, the Evangelical Alliance and HOPE have been questioning representative groups of English adults to find out what English people know and believe about Jesus, what they think about Christians, and whether when Christians talk about Jesus they are drawing people closer to Him or pushing them farther away.

Of the people questioned, 57% called themselves Christians, 12% atheist and 9% agnostic; 9% called themselves practising Christians. Some 39% believed the Bible was God's word.

Some 60% believed Jesus was a real person; 21% believed He was God in human form; 30% believed He was a prophet or spiritual leader, but not God. Some 43% believed He rose from the dead.

Some 67% knew someone they perceived to be a practising Christian; 60% enjoyed the company of a Christian they knew. Some 58% had had a conversation about Jesus. After the conversation, 19% wanted to know more; 59% did not.

Some 72% of practising Christians felt confident to talk with non-Christians about Jesus.

Some recommendations:

●  An enormous challenge; great opportunities. Prayer is essential.

●  Christians are liked. Recognise it, challenging the prevailing negative media image of Christians.

●  Encourage Christians to prioritise talk about Jesus to friends and family. One in five of them is open to Him.

●  Discuss how we can establish as top priority making Jesus known to those who don't know Him.

●  Support Christian parents in encouraging their children to follow Jesus.

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