Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Flying here to say thank you

Ask Christian apologist Frank Turek if Christians should get involved in politics and he'll show you a satellite photograph of the Korean peninsula, taken at night. North Korea is in absolute darkness; South Korea is ablaze with lights. "South Korea is full of freedom, food and productivity. North Korea is a concentration camp." The reason for the difference, he says, is politics.

The difference between the two Koreas, certainly, is remarkable. North Korea is said to be the most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian. South Korea has an estimated 25 per cent of its population who identify with Christianity and has some of the largest Christian churches in the world. Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul had more than 800,000 members in 2007 and has continued to grow.

A thousand South Korean Christians will be visiting the UK this September as part of a nation-wide prayer mission. The National Day of Prayer and Worship is partnering with the Korean Word Prayer School in Seoul to bring the believers to Britain.

They hope to visit around 40 church communities around the UK, sharing in worship, joining in mission activities and issuing a prophetic call to the church in Britain to remain strong, and for Britain to remain faithful to its Christian heritage. Two large prayer gatherings will be held in London to conclude the trip.

Dr Jonathan Oloyede, convenor of the National Day of Prayer and Worship, says he is delighted. "I believe there is a call on the church in the British Isles to warmly respond in welcome as the Christians of South Korea thank these isles for sharing the gospel in times past," he says.

God bless them.

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