Monday, December 30, 2013

A sad story of Christian England

Many Christians do not realise the depths of ignorance of the Bible in Britain today.

A new poll by Pew Research shows that 73 per cent of Americans believe in the virgin birth (including 97 per cent of white evangelicals, 94 per cent of black Protestants, 88 per cent of white Catholics, 81 per cent of Hispanic Catholics and 70 per cent of mainline Protestants).

By contrast, about a third of British people believe in the virgin birth.

According to a YouGov poll, only 17 per cent of Britons believe in a personal God, compared with 41 per cent in 1957. Twenty-three per cent are agnostic (compared with 16 per cent in 1967), and atheists are up from six per cent to 28 per cent. Only 27 per cent believed that Jesus was the Son of God (71 per cent in 1957).

But even that is not as bad as the figures in a new ComRes poll. Twelve per cent of Londoners think the Bible features Father Christmas. And one in 10 young people aged from 25 to 34 thinks Father Christmas makes an appearance in the biblical account of the nativity.

Can you believe it? 

 God is a good God, full of grace and mercy; a personal God, willing to reveal Himself to all who seek Him. There is nothing to be compared to a personal knowledge of Him.

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