Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What comes with same-sex marriage

Legalising same-sex marriage won't affect the daily lives of heterosexuals? Don't believe it, says an article at LifeSiteNews.

After same-sex marriage was legalised in Canada, hundreds of marriage commissioners were ordered to violate their consciences and perform same-sex marriages or be fired. A Christian pastor and a Catholic bishop were hauled before a human rights tribunal for repeating 2,000-year-old Christian doctrine on homosexuality.

A Catholic magazine was almost forced into bankruptcy after being targetted with a frivolous "hate speech" complaint. A teacher was suspended and threatened with removal of his teaching licence for writing a letter to the editor in defence of traditional marriage.

A Catholic city councillor had a death threat spray painted on his business after stating his beliefs that homosexual acts were "not natural." Other individuals had lifetime speech bans placed on them to prohibit them from ever writing or speaking critically about the homosexual lifestyle.

In schools, homosexual topics were woven into all subjects and all grades, starting in kindergarten. Some school boards refuse to give parents advance notice of lessons dealing with sexual orientation, and deny rights of parents to opt-out children from such lessons.

A TV sports broadcaster was fired for tweeting support for the traditional definition of marriage after work hours, from home, on his personal Twitter account. A real estate brokerage fired  a Catholic agent for promoting the idea that children do better with a mother and father, as against homosexual parenting.

"Though you may be battle weary," the author says, "it's worth the fight to escape the yoke of tyranny Canada already wears."

After same-sex marriage, another writer warns, comes the intense transgender agenda. In Massachusetts, a series of bills filed by the homosexual lobby and the radical left were being considered at a public hearing before the Joint Judiciary Committee yesterday.

They include bills to repeal laws against bestiality, "unnatural and lascivious acts," soliciting in taverns for immoral purposes, public blasphemy, fornication and teaching virtues to children. Pro-family organisations were countering with pro-family bills.

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