Friday, December 07, 2012

A question or two for Sir Paul Nurse

New free schools found to be teaching creationism as fact could lose their Government funding, according to a report on BBC News online.

A new rule says that from 2013, all free schools in England must teach evolution as "a comprehensive and coherent scientific theory."

The new rule will apply to Grindon Hall Christian school in Sunderland and two other schools due to open next year, after concerns about the teaching of creationism.

Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society, said he was "delighted." He said previous rules on free schools and the teaching of evolution versus creationism had been "not tight enough."

Although the previous rules had confined creationism to religious education lessons, "the Royal Society identified a potential issue that schools could have avoided teaching evolution by natural selection in science lessons or dealt with it in such a perfunctory way that the main experience for students was the creationist myth."

"The creationist myth," Sir Paul?

I want to tell you that evolution by natural selection is a theory that has never been proved and is being brought into question by more and more scientists.

The first verse in the Bible says "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." If you don't believe the first verse, what price the rest of the Bible? 2 Tim 3:16, according to the Authorised Version, says "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." If creationism isn't true, that verse is a lie.

I am reminded of the young man who discovered by reading the New Testament that Jesus believed the book of Genesis. The young man said "My high school science teacher once told me that much of Genesis is false. But since my high school science teacher did not prove he was God by rising from the dead, I'm going to believe Jesus instead."

And rules on the teaching of evolution versus creationism "not tight enough," Sir Paul?

Every child should be taught what the Bible says about creation. But he or she shouldn't be forced to believe it. And every child should be taught about what people choose to believe about evolution. But he or she shouldn't be forced to believe that. That's what education is about: giving young people the (unbiased) information they need to teach them to think for themselves.

One last question. Schools that teach creationism as fact are likely to lose their funding.

Will schools that teach evolution as fact be likely to lose their funding?

I thought not.