Saturday, June 09, 2012

Just a few days left

The UK Government decided it would change the law in order to redefine marriage, thus allowing same-sex marriage in England and Wales (Scotland will make its own decision). It said there would be a consultation, but it would not be about whether or not it would happen, only about how it would work.

The Government was taken aback at the response, as a petition objecting to the proposed change gathered half a million signatures in a matter of weeks.

Despite what the Government had said, when the consultation document was published, it contained Question 1:

Do you agree or disagree with enabling all couples, regardless of their gender, to have a civil marriage ceremony? (In law, there is not civil marriage and religious marriage, only marriage.)

And Question 2:

Please explain the reasons for your answer.

The consultation closes this Thursday, June 14. Homosexual activists and their supporters are pushing for all those in favour of same-sex marriage to take part in the consultation. It is important that people who believe the law on traditional marriage should remain unchanged should also have their say in the consultation, so that the Government should be aware of the strength of feeling on the issue.

Those who do not want the law to change can reply to just Question 1 and Question 2, which can be done in a couple of minutes. You can access the full document here, or a short reply form, with some suggestions for answers to Question 2, here.