Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to stand up and speak up

Over the weeks I have written more about the conflict to do with Israel than I had intended. But it is important. Very important.

1. God has not washed His hands of the Jewish people. God's promises to Israel still stand. I will not quote Bible references here in case I turn out to be wasting my time: but if anyone wants Bible references, I will be pleased to provide them.

2. Christians above all need to recognise the colossal debt they owe to the Jewish people. Were it not for the Jewish people, there would be no Bible, no Saviour, no gospel and no salvation. And that's just for starters.

3. Israel is in need of friends. People who claim to appreciate the truth should stand up and speak up for it. Now would be a good time.

There has been an extraordinary attack on Israel by the American administration in recent days for building in an orthodox Jewish neighbourhood in east Jerusalem - it is said that the Obama administration has not used the harsh language it employed against Israel in its dealing with any other nation, including Iran and North Korea, since coming to power - and in recent days there has been some rioting in the streets in Israel.

Writes Melanie Phillips in a piece entitled A revolutionary proposal on her blog at the Spectator yesterday:

Compromise is in general a good thing, but in a war of extermination, if the victim compromises with its attackers it strengthens them and makes its defeat more likely.

In no other conflict in the history of the planet has a country which is the victim of an eight-decade belligerency aimed at wiping it off the map been expected to make concessions to its attackers. In no other conflict has such a victimised people been bullied by onlookers into doing so.

Yet the first pressure is what Britain, America and Europe have been applying for decades, and the second is what Obama is now applying, with the EU falling in behind him: bullying the prospective victim of extermination into submitting to measures which increase the risk of such an eventuality, and in the process almost forcing the Palestinians from their habitual pose of sullen obstructionism and sporadic terrorism into another spate of outright war. . ."

Why would Israel go along with that? You can read the whole piece by clicking here.